Wednesday, May 2, 2012

SERC #4 Winder, GA

This weekend was BIG for the team. We spent time at the National Cornbread Festival helping our AWESOME sponsor US Stove show people how great their products are (I can't wait to get my grill!!), raced at the Cohutta 100/Big Frog 65, and dominated the SERC #4 in Winder GA. Have I mentioned how much I love my team?!

All smiles after the podium.
My weekend started at the Cornbread Festival with Kristi and Mark. It was a super fun time and hopefully we helped sell some stoves and grills. Shannon was our representative Sunday while we raced since she is currently on the injured reserve. After seeing the incredible products US Stove makes I don't know how anyone could buy anything else. You get what you pay for and quality is worth every penny.

Dang that podium looks GOOD!!!!

While we were doing that, Paula was winning Big Frog 65 and Stephanie was beginning her quest for the overall National Ultra Endurance series buy putting up a solid performance in the 100 mile version, the Cohutta 100. Woohoo!!!

All hugs for the teammates
Sunday saw total domination with me winning (finally! I'm back....almost) and Catherine in second. We rode the whole race together. She motivated me to push harder and I pushed her to let go of the brakes. It must have been her new Trek Superfly Elite that gave her wings... she was FLYING!!!Paula took an impressive 4th after her stellar race the day before. Prego mamas Kristi and Amy were our cheering section and handed out bottles like pros. What an awesome weekend. I can't wait for next week.

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