Monday, March 12, 2012

Cyclocross season

Whew. After the end of the mountain bike season in August we all needed a bit of a break. We didn't get to rest too long before it was time for my favorite part of the year: CYCLOCROSS.

I LOVE cross. It's my favorite bike to race. I love the thrill and excitement of racing all out for 40 minutes in crazy conditions at a time of year when most people are not even thinking about their bikes. The past two year have been a bit more challenging because I have been balancing my love of cross with my studies (6 weeks and counting until the MS is complete!!!) but the only thing that has truly suffered is timely blog posts... sorry.

Kym and Paula go 1,2 at the GA CX series race in Fort Yargo, GA

My cross focus this season was Nationals and a week later the Masters World Championships so I stayed a bit closer to home, had a blast in GA, and won every regional race I entered. Paula, Star, Kristi, and Catherine also joined me for some cross racing in GA and we often had a sweet looking podium with lots of US Stove representation.

Nationals was ALMOST perfect. I raced a killer age group race, taking second in a hard fought battle that saw myself and second place change the lead 4-5 times. I also raced the collegiate race where an untimely dropped chain at the start left me off the BACK chasing the entire race. I came all the way back to third and was told that I rode stronger than anyone else in the race. So, two podiums in tow days at National, not bad.

World's was the craziest mud I had seen in a while. I like the mud and even though I was exhausted from travel, starting the spring semester and being sick, I was so excited to race I could hardly stand it. It was one of the most exciting races I have ever raced, I was off the front with one other girl and we traded the lead, in slow motion through the mud, about 4-5 times a lap. I crashed on the last lap and ended up with a well earned second place. Not the result I was hoping for but a silver at the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS is nothing to be bummed about.

The silver UCI medal was one of the coolest accomplishments of my cycling career. I couldn't have done it without my kick butt Trek Cronus CX, the support of the guys at the Trek Store of Chattanooga, our awesome sponsors like US Stove, and most importantly, my husband.

A silver from the CX National Championships

 The Silver at Nationals wasn't all bad either, and I have a bronze to match it!!! Next year we need to add a couple of gold medals to this collection.

 Just a little bit of mud on the pit bike. This was a training race before Nationals; I sure am glad I brought the old bike!!!

...and the coolest trophy of the season!!!! Gotta love a trophy that keeps on giving.

We are FAMOUS!!!

Check it out, the team has a great article in the February issue of "Get Out" magazine.

Here is the link to the digital copy of the article: