Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Women's Weekend!!!

Hey Ladies, Trek Store of Chattanooga is hosting a women's only mountain bike weekend May 21-22.

Details here.

Come join the fun... Pass the word on to everyone you know. This is going to be a ROCKIN' good time!!!

Race season is HERE.

We've all been waiting and anticipating and after a long, wet, cold winter it is upon us. Ready or not!!!

I started off with the traditional trip to Florida for the opening round of the SERC series. Lucky me, it also coincided with spring break so we got to spend a few days in the warm weather. It was a really fun weekend, even with my pale winter legs blinding everyone as thy glowed in the sunlight. The Florida girls are always tough this time of year and this year was no exception. The first lap there was three of us off the front, the second lap there was one off the front (not me) and two chasing (myself and one other girl). The last two laps it was one off the front (still not me), one chasing (me!!) and one more chasing. It was an exciting race and I was very happy with second place. Florida in March is TOUGH!

The team started off the season with a debut of the new team kits- Yay US Stove!!!- at Tsali NC for the Knobschorcher. This is one of the longest running mountain bike races in the Southeast and the fields were going to be HUGE. There is always a ton of people here for this race. For some added excitement there was a time trial Saturday. Catherine, Amanda, Shannon, Emily Kristi and myself were all so excited to race.

The time trial was a bit dismal for me, I finished 3rd in the pro field. I finished the race and didn't feel like I had pedaled that hard. Kym, it is a time trial, if you don't feel like puking you didn't do it right. Nope. Sure didn't! Catherine kicked butt and won the Cat 1 time trial. Amanda was second. I am glad someone stepped up. Go team!!!

Sunday I was ready for a little redemption. I had a plan. I knew my competition and the course, and I was ready to race. This was also my debut on the 29er, a super sexy Trek Superfly Elite. After the whistle, I let one of the other girls set the pace and I patiently waited. And waited. I was second wheel and I was hoping for the right moment to make my move. And then it happened. At the top of the first climb the leader bobbled and I came around her and did my thing. My mind said "GO", my body said "OUCH, Kym you have been studying too much and not riding enough". Mind and body agreed to disagree and I raced. I rode hard but tried my best to stay within myself. The last 5 miles my legs were really feeling the lack of miles but somehow I did it. I WON!!!! Woohoo. Good start to the season.

I learned a couple of things about my riding at Tsali:

1. Grad school makes me slow.
2. Mind is stronger than body.
3. I need to train more.
4. Big wheel are fast.

Thanks for reading...