Monday, May 21, 2012

Me, the bike, and a little more mojo...

Well, this past spring has not been good to my bike mojo. I know that it was necessary for me to pursue other priorities (like completing my MS with a 4.0) but on race day it has been a challenge. I don't mind getting beat (yes, I race to win, but "winning" can be defined lots of different ways for me) but I hate racing like crap because I know I haven't put in the work that I needed to in order to ride how I want to. Now that I have a 3 month break from school, employment, any real responsibility I am on a mission to RIDE. I am loving it. My new Madone 6.9 Project One bike is a dream. I love every day with her. It amazes me how fast and stable she is. I LOVE THIS BIKE!!!!!

The past two weeks/weekends were all about riding for the love of my bike and finding my mojo again. After Tanasi and my awesome race there I was especially motivated to take my mojo and spinning the legs over until I collapsed. I accomplished my goal. I did 24 hours on the bike last week and felt great the whole time. I think the legs are coming back. Whew.

My teammates carried the team colors while I have been training like a mad fool and they have done well. Paula, in search of a longer race in her preparation for elite road nationals, lined up with the men a week ago at the Dayton road race and held her own. It's funny how men are extra motivated to drop a girl on those days. Sorry guys.

This past weekend Emily raced the 6 hours of Tsali. She rocked it. FIRST PLACE solo women!!!! Emily, we are super proud of you!!! While she was doing that, Stephanie was out killing it at a little race in Arkansas, Syllamo's Revenge. I jest, it was 100 miles of rocks, roots, technical nightmares. She also rocked it, finishing well inside the top 10 in an extremely strong open women's category.

Basically, summer is here, I'm pedaling my bike a ton, and racing is about to start up again. Life is good. Now all I need to do is get out the Primo Grill from US Stove and life will be complete.

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